P1110231  Smithfield day trip - Car Ferry crossing the James River P1110223  Comorants and Gulls P5030059 P1110235  Osprey Nest on channel marker
P1110224  Jamestown ships P1110225 P1110226  Jamestown from the river P1110227  Jamestown from the river
P1110228  Jamestown from the river P1110230  Jamestown from the river P1110233  Jamestown from the river P1110237  A Dr Who fan in Surry
P1110239  Bacon's Castle - Bacon’s Castle is the oldest brick dwelling in North America and was once the home of Arthur Allen, a prosperous merchant and planter, and his family. Allen’s Brick House earned the moniker “Bacon’s Castle” in 1676 when several of Nathaniel Bacon’s men occupied the home for four months during the uprising that became known as Bacon’s Rebellion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bacon%27s_Rebellion P1110240  Bacon’s Castle is an example of High Jacobean architecture and notable for its stunning triple stacked chimneys. The home features a reconstructed 17th-century English formal garden restored by the Garden Club of Virginia. Several outbuildings also survive, including an 1830 slave dwelling. P5030065  Art in Smithfield Virgina P5030066  Isle of Wight County Museum.
P5030067 P5030068  World's Oldest Edible Ham. The 115-year-old ham, which is reportedly the oldest in the world, was originally cured in 1902 by the Gwaltney Foods meat company before it was was lost in storage. On its rediscovery two decades later, the elated Pembroke D. Gwaltney Jr. made the piece of pork his “pet ham.”  However edible may be a stretch -  To most people "edible" means more than the ability to eat something without it killing you. P5030069  However only the ham business remains in Smithfield - peanuts are no longer part of local agriculture. P5030070