P1110122  Smithfield Ferry passing by Jamestown P4300023  Jamestown Historic area P1110119  Jamestown Monument P1110120  Jamestown Monument
P1110121  Memorial Church P1110123  Statue to John Smith P1110124  Reconstruction of long house in Jamestown Fort P1110125  Original Jamestown Fort layout
P1110128  Turtle in the swamp at Jamestown P1110132  Turtle in the swamp at Jamestown P1110133  Snake in the swamp at Jamestown P4300024  Ear Picker - replica of actual artifact unearthed in Jamestown
P4300026 P1110138  Replica Ships P1110141 P4300027
P1110143 P1110154  Outside the vistors center P1110135 P1110140  Osprey
P1110142  Osprey P1110145 (2)  Bald Eagle - female P1110145  Bald Eagle - female P1110147  Bald Eagle - female